Sustainable behaviour

Sustainable behaviour at the City & Guilds Group is about recognising the impact we have on the world around us.

It is an ethos that permeates our work and mind-set across the Group.

The Group has implemented a sustainable behaviour approach since 2009 – from the materials used in our office buildings to the ecological processes in place within the business. This ensures that we sustain an eco-friendly approach to business throughout our work and community interactions.

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Why do we do this?

The Group introduced sustainable behaviour to proactively benefit the Group and the wider communities we interact with.

This heightens our commitment to having a positive impact on people’s lives, communities and economies.

Sustainable behaviour ensures that we continue to make beneficial decisions today that leave a positive impact tomorrow.

What are we involved in?

The City & Guilds Group takes part in and reinforces environmental sustainability through:


  • Designing new office buildings using sustainable materials
  • Internal office processes to encourage individual eco-friendly behaviours in staff


  • Implementing sustainable procurement processes where possible, from bulk staff orders to reduce cost and waste, to forming contracts with social businesses and small to medium enterprises (SMEs)


  • Giving young people their first work experience (through our work experience programme) in an environment that supports sustainable behaviour
  • Hiring locally


  • Introducing community volunteer programmes within the Group to further support and help charitable organisations and initiatives

A sustainable future

The Group’s work is underpinned by our social purpose and values. Sustainable behaviour is one example where the Group actively strives towards a better future.