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Access Arrangements and Special Considerations Policy

This policy provides definition and examples of Access Arrangements and Special Considerations which may occur for a candidate or group of candidates during an assessment.  The process for gaining ILM approval for an Access Arrangement and a Special Consideration is described and it is expected that the centre or provider will apply to ILM on behalf of the candidate(s). Guidance is also provided on how to formulate your own policy.

ILM Access Arrangements and Special Considerations Policy (November 2017)

Administration policy

This policy sets out the processes for registration, certification, charges and payments.

Download the Administration and invoicing policy (July 2018)

D13 Appendix - Replacement certificate form

Appendix - Learner data consent form

Assessment policy

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure quality and consistency of the ILM assessment service. This policy applies to prospective and existing ILM Centres who intend to use the ILM Assessment Service. This document provides guidance on the process for using the ILM Assessment Service and the terms and conditions which must be adhered when using the ILM Assessment service.

Download the ILM  Assessment Policy (August 2018)

Brand policy

This policy applies to the use of the ILM brand including the use of its name and logo by its active customers. This policy provides information on the two types of customer logos available to ILM customers, and lays out the legal and brand guidelines that ILM Centres and Providers must comply with when using the ILM logo. It explains how to apply for the ILM logo, and contains a full list of the terms and conditions for use of ILM logos.

Download the Use of the ILM Brand policy (December 2016)

Centre Closure and Merger policy

This policy applies to existing ILM Centres and ILM Providers who are seeking to withdraw from delivering regulated qualifications, endorsed programmes approved by ILM or development programmes approved by ILM. This policy details the various scenarios that could lead to a centre having approval removed and the process which is to be followed.

 Download the Centre Closure and Merger Policy (July 2016)

Complaints policy

The policy provides definition and examples of complaints which may arise in relation to an ILM Approved Centre, Recognised Provider or learner.  The process for making a complaint is described, although we expect a learner to follow their centre or provider's process before referring to ILM.

Download the Complaints policy (August 2017)

Conflicts of Interest guidance

This document outlines the principles and procedures for managing conflicts of interest within an ILM approved centre or ILM recognised provider.

Download the Conflicts of interest guidance (August 2017)

Data Protection policy

This policy provides a definition of data protection and examples of how this applies to ILM Approved Centres, Recognised Providers and learners. The Data Protection Act 2018 alongside the GDPR places obligations on those that control and process information relating to individuals. While this is UK legislation, ILM believe it represents best practice and requires all customers to comply with these provisions.

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Enquiries and Appeals policy

This policy  lays out ILM's enquiries and appeals process and fees. It also provides examples of when an ILM Approved Centre or Recognised Provider may appeal against issues relating to ILM qualifications, assessment, exams or quality assurance.

Download the Enquiries and Appeals policy (November 2017)

ILM Enquiry Form (Word)

ILM Appeals Form (Word)

ILM Appeals Board Form (Word)

Equality and Diversity policy

This policy provides ILM's definition of equality and diversity, examples of equality and diversity in practice, and describes the process and standards required from ILM Approved Centres and Recognised Providers in line with the Equality Act 2010.

Download the Equality and diversity policy (July 2015)

External Quality Assurance policy

This policy provides the risk management framework within which all ILM Approved Centres and Recognised Providers must operate. It also provides general guidance on best practice when working with your ILM external verifier.

Download the External Quality Assurance policy (July 2017)

Instructions for Conducting Examinations

ILM provides instructions to be followed by all centres that conduct ILM paper-based fixed form examinations and/or ILM on line tests..  Centres must ensure that all learners and centre staff adhere to both ILM and JCQ instructions for conducting examinations instructions.

Download the ILM instructions for conducting examinations (March 2018) 

Appendix 1 - Alternative sites form

Appendix 2 - Invigilation Arrangements Form

Appendix 3 Posters

Internal Quality Assurance policy

This policy provides the key principles, responsibilities and best practice requirements that ILM Approved Centres and Recognised Providers must follow to ensure effective internal quality assurance.

Download the Internal Quality Assurance policy (July 2017)

Investigations guidance

This document outlines best practice for undertaking an investigation into suspected malpractice. It also explains ILM’s commitment when dealing with an allegation of suspected malpractice in the assessment of qualifications and/or the quality assurance of the assessment process.

Download the Investigations Policy (August 2017)

Malpractice and Maladministration policy

This policy applies to all Centres and Providers offering ILM regulated qualifications, endorsed and development programmes, and other non-regulated products. The policy provides definition and examples of Malpractice and Maladministration which may occur in connection with centres, providers, learners and our customers in general. This policy outlines the actions that could bring the integrity of ILM qualifications and programmes into question, the practices that constitute malpractice and maladministration and the procedures that should be undertaken to manage and mitigate suspected occurrences.

Download the Malpractice and maladministration policy (July 2017)

Appendix - Malpractice notification form checklist (Word 32.6kb)

Appendix - Suspected learner malpractice notification form (Word 35kb)

Appendix - Suspected centre staff malpractice notification form (Word 33.9kb)

Appendix - Centre investigation report template (Word 35.6kb)

Managing Unacceptable Behaviour policy

This policy sets out our approach to managing those customers whose actions or behaviour are considered unacceptable and are either having a harmful impact on our staff or their ability to provide a consistent level of service to all customers.

Download the Unacceptable Behaviour Policy (February 2016)

Plagiarism Policy and Guidance

The policy provides a definition and examples of plagiarism, collusion and cheating in relation to ILM assessments and examinations. It describes the process that ILM Centres and Providers are required to follow in order to prevent, investigate and deal with instances of plagiarism, collusion and cheating along with the requirement for a formal declaration of authenticity by the learner.

Download the Plagiarism Policy and Guidance (June 2018)

Appendix -  Learner statement of Authenticity (Word 16kb)

Appendix - ILM Centre Investigation Report Template (Word 26kb) 

Policies at Approval for Centres and Providers

This document applies to prospective ILM Centres and ILM Providers who are going through approval with ILM. This ILM document outlines which policies an ILM Centre or ILM Provider should be aware of and which policies we expect an ILM Centre or Provider to have their own version of which should be provided at approval.

Download the Policies at Approval or Re-approval for Centres and Providers (November 2017)

Recognition of Prior Learning policy (RPL)

This policy is provided for two purposes – to guide you on how to approach RPL as well as to provide an example of how you might develop and structure your own policy statement.

Recognition of Prior Learning policy (RPL) (July 2017)

Safeguarding Policy

This policy sets out ILM and City and Guilds Group responsibilities for staff and representatives with regards to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. It relates to all situations, both UK and International, where ILM comes into contact with children and vulnerable adults.

ILM Safeguarding Policy (November 2017)

Whistle-blowing policy

This policy applies to individuals who are not employed by ILM or the City and Guilds Group and wish to make a disclosure to ILM.

ILM Whistle-blowing policy(November 2017)

Use of ILM Materials Policy

 This policy applies to materials sent by ILM to Centres or Providers and sets out the conditions on which they may be used.

Download the Materials Policy (May 2016)

Use of Language Policy

This policy explains when an ILM qualification or programme can be delivered and/or assessed in a language other than English, Welsh or Irish, and defines the process for gaining ILM approval for use of another language. ILM Approved Centres or Recognised Providers are expected to apply to ILM on behalf of the learner/s.

Download the Use of Language Policy (January 2018)