Great Expectations research

68% of young people plan on university, but only 30% of jobs require a degree.

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Between the ages of 14 and 19, young people in the UK must make some of the most important study and career decisions of their lives. Despite the importance of these choices, they are often made without the benefit of decent careers advice and guidance - or access to employers to give them insight into the workplace.

City & Guilds wanted to understand how this void of information is impacting young people’s decision making. We commissioned research agency YouGov to carry out a piece of research to ascertain how well informed they were about the realities of the workplace and to uncover their career aspirations. We then worked with economic modellers EMSI to find out how well these aspirations matched the real world of work.

Our report uncovered a worrying mismatch between the jobs that young people want to do and the reality of the labour market, a strong career gender bias remains and a misapprehension about the best routes to a great job. To learn more about the research read our recommendations in the report.

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