Skills Confidence 2016


Censuswide conducted the research on behalf of the City & Guilds Group. The research gathered the views of 8,157 respondents across the United Kingdom, United States, India and South Africa. It surveyed:

  • 1,028 CEOs/Senior leaders
  • 2,079 middle managers
  • 5,050 general employees between

The survey was conducted from a random sample of adults.


The research was conducted between 9 May 2016 and 17 May 2016. It was launched in June 2016.


The research showed that across all four countries, employees are largely unconcerned about future trends that could potentially disrupt the future of the workplace, such as automation, artificial intelligence and globalisation. Key research findings include:

  • 95% of all respondents are confident in their own skills and productivity
  • 86% of respondents think their skills will be relevant in ten years’ time17% do not think there are any threats that could stop their skills from being relevant
  • 80% are confident that their job will exist in ten years’ time
  • More than half (52%) believe they are over-qualified for the job they currently do
  • 70% of CEOs and senior leaders agree that automation and AI could replace a number of jobs in their organisation in ten years’ time, compared to 53% of general employees

Skills Confidence research