Elearning & Learning Technology 

Learning technology refers to platforms, services, or elearning programmes and modules that enhance the learning experience and support individuals and businesses in developing their skills.

Our learning technology products and services are for businesses, training providers and learners worldwide. They are designed to support both the learning experience, and our teaching and assessment products.

Learning technology is offered to businesses through Kineo, and supports the delivery of our products and services in City & Guilds through its Learning Assistant and e-volve platforms.  

Technology to support business performance

Effective training and development provides businesses with highly-skilled, productive employees, and technology makes accessing training easier for businesses and individuals alike. This has a big impact on businesses’ bottom lines.

Businesses are increasingly looking for new solutions to upskill their staff, so that training can be delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Learning technologies can deliver a variety of benefits:

  • Flexibility: business can implement a training programme that learners can carry out at their own pace, and at a time a time that works for them.
  • Cost-savings: there is no need to pay for printed documents or travel costs if the learning can be accessed by learners remotely.  
  • Time savings: there is less need to travel to and from training sessions, less risk of being distracted or going off topic, and learners can skip elements of a programme if they don’t need it.
  • Bespoke: learning technology can be tailored to meet a specific business’ needs, and to enhance engagement among learners.

Learning technology products and services

Kineo is at the forefront of learning technology, and has been since its creation in 2005. It was created to change how learning technology was used in the workplace. Today, it works with some of the world’s leading businesses, such as Nikon, TUI UK & Ireland, McDonalds and Compass Group, offering solutions to their skills development needs.

Its range of learning technology products and services include:


Elearning: designed to improve performance through engaging elearning programmes suited to businesses’ needs. We provide ‘ready to go’ elearning content, as well as bespoke solutions.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems and Learning Portals: providing delivery solutions such as Totara – a learning management system – to make it easier to track an organisation’s learning.

Managed Learning Services

Managed Learning Services: helping businesses deliver training programmes for those working towards professional qualifications and apprenticeships, by bringing together qualification and assessment services under a single, integrated online platform.

Blended programmes

Blended programmes: combining learning technology tools with other training methods, such as the face to face training delivered by The Oxford Group.

Award-winning learning technology

Kineo’s high-quality, effective products and services have won many awards:

  • LearnX Impact Awards 2014: Kineo Pacific, part of Kineo, won three awards for their work in elearning:
    • Best eLearning Model Online
    • Best eLearning Design Video
    • Best Rapid Authoring eLearning Design
  • The Learning Awards, Learning Provider of the Year 2014
  • Elearning Awards, Elearning Company of the Year 2014

If you would like more information please go to Kineo.

Enhancing the learning experience

The Government’s FELTAG report (2014) said that 10% of learning should be carried out online. Technology supports and enhances the delivery of City & Guilds’ qualifications and assessments in colleges and training providers, and enables learners and assessors to manage their work more effectively, which maximises productivity and improves the learning experience.  

City & Guilds has two core learning technology products – Learning Assistant and e-volve – that support its work.

Learning Assistant

Learning Assistant is a market-leading e-portfolio system that supports the vocational education management process. It cuts the need for paper portfolios, which increases efficiencies in qualification delivery. Learners can access learning materials and upload course evidence to the system, so it can be accessed by the assessor. Providers can also better-monitor what’s happening with the learners to see where they can deliver learning more efficiently and effectively.

Learning Assistant has a range of benefits:

  • Flexibility: It can be accessed anywhere, including via an app, and can be customised to support learners’ schedules.
  • Cost efficiency: It reduces overheads such as travel costs and unnecessary printing costs.
  • Quality control tools: It provides access to smart assessment and verification tools, so assessors can assess candidate work and record feedback.
  • Reporting tools: It enable centres to generate high-quality management reports.
  • Archiving: Extensive support materials are stored securely online.

If you would like more information, please go to City & Guilds.


City & Guilds’ e-volve platform provides instant feedback and exam results for learners. Learners can take tests at anytime, anywhere, and receive feedback on their performance within seconds. They also receive their certificates within days.

e-volve is easy to use, and cuts the administration process around exams by reducing the need for storing, couriering or marking papers. Test papers can be downloaded and delivered easily, as long as there is an internet connection. e-volve is also safe and secure; a number of security features are built into the system so results cannot be manipulated or accessed. Automatic updates are applied automatically and quickly when the software launches, so you don’t have to worry about system down-time.

If you would like more information, please go to City & Guilds.

Where do I find out more?

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