City & Guilds Group bursary funding enabled learner Kathryn to gain a veterinary qualification

When Kathryn started her City & Guilds Veterinary Nursing Diploma, she knew it would be challenging. But what she never imagined was that the hardest part would be figuring out how to pay for it.

She was in the middle of the second year of her Diploma, and was thrilled to be studying something she was so passionate about. Despite working part time, she was struggling to make ends meet and there just wasn’t enough money to cover her course fees and her living costs.

To compensate, she decided to take on more hours at work, but soon this was impacting her studies -something had to give. She looked for alternative funding sources, but still came up short. It seemed like there were no options for her. Luckily, her centre told her about the City & Guilds Group's bursary programme. She filled out the online application straight away, hitting 'send' with a newfound hope.

A few weeks later, Kathryn was invited by the City & Guilds Group to attend an interview, and was granted the bursary soon after. Finally she had received the help she needed to continue her studies!

She's since completed her course, earning her the status of accredited practitioner. And she has also developed traits that will help her throughout her life, such as resilience and independence.

Describing the impact the bursary has had Kathryn says: 'Without this bursary I would have had to continue working in a low paid job that did not have any career prospects. Thanks to the City & Guilds Group I am now fully qualified as a veterinary nurse, and ready to go off and find a job I know I'll love to do'.

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