Bursary awarded to visually impaired learner Paschal Ekeigwe

The City & Guilds Group bursary programme helped Paschal complete his teaching qualification.

Bursary awarded to visually impaired learner Paschal Ekeigwe

Paschal was studying for his Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS) qualification and during the last 6 months of the course (and the most challenging part), he became stuck. The issue was that Paschal had a visual impairment and he could not continue to be a student on the course without the support of an electronic note taker and funding for this had run out. He was at the point of giving up on his dream and was unsure how to solve this problem. Luckily, a friend told him about the bursary programme offered by the City & Guilds Group, which provides financial assistance to people in need. Paschal decided to apply and was awarded the money he needed to get the note taker. Thanks to the bursary, he was able to complete his course in 2013.

The DTLLS qualification was very important to Paschal as, not only would it help him to secure employment in teaching, it would also make it possible for him to move away from working in healthcare as a Care Support Worker.  He had been working in Healthcare for the three years that he was a full time student completing a qualification in Product Design & Robotics Engineering.

Changing people's lives

When describing how the bursary programme has changed his life he says: 'The Diploma and my new job has increased my self-confidence and helped me to develop a new purpose in life. My goal now is to keep teaching and inspiring people to make positive changes. I am so grateful to the City & Guilds Group.'

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