A new study from Business in the Community and the City & Guilds Group has found that confusing job descriptions are a ‘major barrier’ for young job seekers which are preventing them from entering the workforce.


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March 2017: New research - Generations at work 2017

New research into the multigenerational workforce shows that training and development is too focused on millennials – to the detriment of older workers.

The online survey sought to ascertain the views of workers around the perceptions of older and younger workers within the workplace. The survey ran from 10-12 January 2017 and draws on the responses from a sample of 505 workers aged 18-30 and 509 workers aged 51+ in the United Kingdom. 

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March 2017: New Report - skills gaps risk 'holding back' Saudi Arabia

Almost three-quarters (73%) of employers in Saudi Arabia expect their businesses to grow in the next five years – but skills gaps could put future growth at risk.

We conducted this research in partnership with Changeboard Magazine Middle East with 516 Saudi Arabian employers to understand their views on different aspects of skills development, such as skills gaps, vocational and work-based learning, and the impact of Vision 2030.

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January 2017: The City & Guilds Group responds to the Government's Industrial Strategy

On 23 January, 2017, UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced the Government's Industrial Strategy for 'post-Brexit success'. Technical education was a core part of the Strategy.

Commenting on the Strategy, Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group said:

‘Placing skills at the heart of the industrial strategy can only be a good thing for our economy, and there are certain measures in today’s industrial strategy that are especially welcome, including  the Government taking on board our thoughts regarding a Ucas-style system for technical education

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January 2017: Princess Royal Training Awards 2017 now open

The Princess Royal Training Awards 2017 are now open for entry until 31 March 2017.

The Awards are a unique opportunity for UK organisations to showcase their approach to learning and development and its impact on business performance.

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November 2016: Princess Royal Training Awards recipients honoured at St James’s Palace

On Thursday 24 November, we celebrated the very first Princess Royal Training Awards recipients at St James’s Palace. The Awards were presented by HRH The Princess Royal and recognise organisations in the UK that have created lasting impact by successfully linking their skills development needs to business performance.

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November 2016: Sense & Instability: Government's skills agenda is a case of 'two steps forward, one step back'

Two years after the City & Guilds Group published 'Sense & Instability: three decades of skills and employment policy,' the City & Guilds Group has published a follow-up review, taking into account some of the Government's latest policy initiatives.

It found that while fewer, bigger changes and a more consistent approach to skills policymaking are a step in the right direction, the Government's good work could be jeopardised by a lack of consultation and a failure to get businesses on side.

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November 2016: The City & Guilds Group acquires Australian elearning company, e3Learning

Established in 2001, e3Learning specialises in workforce risk management and online compliance training for employers. Since 2013, it has been under the ownership of Open Universities Australia (OUA) and has grown significantly thanks to investments in its core platform and infrastructure.

Today it works with a range of customers in various industries and sectors including healthcare, government and aviation. The City & Guilds Group acquired the business after OUA decided to focus its activities on higher education.

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November 2016: Young people in the North West left ‘disillusioned’ after applying for jobs

Research by the City & Guilds Group and Business in the Community (BITC) has revealed that almost half of young people in the North West view location as a barrier to applying for a job. The study of young people’s experiences of applying for jobs also showed that nearly a third worried about not having the right qualifications.

The survey of 4000 18-24 year olds found that, on average, nine out of ten young people had some idea of the career they wanted to pursue. But almost one in three young people failed to get feedback from employers after they applied for a job or had an interview.

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August 2016: Jordan-based refugee training camp and pioneering Indian education programme to receive funding

The City & Guilds Group has announced grants to two charities - The Near East Foundation UK and Manipal Foundation - as part of its £5m Skills Development Fund.

Both charities work to improve education and employment opportunities amongst marginalised groups, including refugees and those living in poverty.

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August 2016: The City & Guilds Group announces recipients of the first Princess Royal Training Awards

Some 34 businesses ranging from prestigious car manufacturers, through healthcare organisations, to animal charities are to receive a Princess Royal Training Award in recognition of their outstanding training and skills development programmes.

The City & Guilds Group launched the Awards in January 2016. They were developed in conjunction with employers, learning and development experts and assessors, and endorsed by the City & Guilds Group’s President, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal. In total, 110 organisations applied for the Awards in their inaugural year.

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August 2016: Irish community charity An Cosán receives funding from the Skills Development Fund

The City & Guilds Group has announced it is investing in An Cosán Virtual Community College (VCC) as part of its Skills Development Fund. The charity will receive the funding over two years for its Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership programme (SEL), which will reach 36 women. If successful, the project will be rolled out across Ireland.

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July 2016: Two charities receive funding through the City & Guilds Group’s Skills Development Fund

The City & Guilds Group has announced grants to two charities – The Change Foundation and Global Generation – as part of its £5m Skills Development Fund. 

The Fund, which launched in September 2015, supports projects and communities to create long-term, sustainable change by developing skills across the world.

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June 2016: The robots are coming - but are British workers ready for them?

Britain is ill-prepared for the rise of the robots, warned the director of The Jobs Economist John Philpott, at a debate hosted by the Lord Mayor at Mansion House earlier this week.

 At the second-annual City & Guilds Group Skills Debate, chaired by Andrew Neil, panellists clashed over the impact of trends including an ageing population, the rise of the ‘Uber economy’, and whether British businesses are sufficiently agile to weather these changes. 

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June 2016: The City & Guilds Group sets up new digital credentialing business, Digitalme

The City & Guilds Group has today announced the creation of a new digital credentialing services business, following the acquisition of Makewaves. Its sister organisation Digitalme – a not-for-profit organisation – will also become part of the City & Guilds Group. The new business will be known solely as Digitalme.

Digitalme and Makewaves design credentials, using open badges, to recognise individuals' skills and talents. They work with employers and training providers, and some of their existing clients include Mozilla, O2, the BBC and over 2000 schools across the UK. 

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June 2016: City & Guilds Group launches the Skill Confidence 2016 research

The City & Guilds Group has unveiled the findings of its first Skills Confidence Report – an international study of 8,000 employees in the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa and India. The study measured how confident people feel about their skills and jobs today, and in five and ten years’ time.

The research reveals that the British workforce is unthreatened by the predicted rise of automation and artificial intelligence. When asked about the impact of automation on their job prospects over the next decade, 18% said it would have a negative impact, and 42% said it would not have any impact.

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May 2016: Prince Philip Medal awards winners, honoured by HRH The Princess Royal

Yesterday, the HRH The Princess Royal, honoured three people with Highly Commended Certificate, President’s award and the Prince Philip Medal Award. At the annual Prince Phillip Medal awards.

The Prince Philip Medal, President’s award and the Highly Commended Certificate have been awarded for more than 50 years and were set up by the Institute’s former President, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. It honours those who have made the most of their talents and seen significant success since completing their City & Guilds qualification.

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May 2016: City & Guilds Group invest in UK's leading apprenticeship matching service, GetMyFirstJob

The UK’s leading apprenticeship matching service, GetMyFirstJob, has today announced £1 million in new investment from the City & Guilds Group and Nesta Impact Investments following a successful funding round.

The announcement comes as new research from GetMyFirstJob reveals the vast majority of young people (98 percent) believe that more can be done at school and college level to help students find an apprenticeship. Of those surveyed, only 34 percent felt that their school or college provided sufficient information about apprenticeships and their benefits.

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April 2016: Young women far less likely than young men to get feedback after a job interview

-Nearly a third of young women (30%) do not get feedback after a job interview, compared to less than a fifth (18%) of male applicants.

-Half of young women who had a bad recruitment experience say it knocked their confidence – but just a third of young men say the same

Young women are far less likely than young men to receive feedback after a job interview, research by the City & Guilds Group and Business in the Community (BITC) has revealed.

The survey of 4,000 young people (18-24 year olds) found that young women are at a stark disadvantage in recruitment practices. While 82% of young men receive feedback after applying, just under a third (30%) of young women are losing out on this vital constructive guidance.

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March 2016: The City & Guilds Group acquires a stake in US-based digital credentialing organisation

The City & Guilds Group has invested in US-based digital credentials service provider, Credly. It’s the second investment from the Group’s New Venture Fund, which supports skills development worldwide by investing in post-revenue education technology companies in return for an equity stake.

Credly recognises lifelong achievement by offering the market-leading platform for issuing, managing, sharing and validating digital credentials and badges. Credly serves thousands of well-known organisations from around the globe in industries such as education, talent management, training, IT, finance and healthcare.

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March 2016: The City & Guilds Group announces investment in Filtered as part of New Venture Fund

The City & Guilds Group has invested in London-based online training company, Filtered, as the first investment from its New Venture Fund. The Fund, launched in September 2015, will invest £2.5m in post-revenue companies to support innovation in skills development across the world.

Filtered is an online training platform that personalises learning material for each user. By asking questions at the outset, the platform's algorithms filter out learning material a user doesn't need or already knows. This reduces the time spent training and maximises the value of that time.

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February 2016: The City & Guilds Group announces Future Proof initiative with Business in the Community

Business in the Community (BITC) is launching Future Proof, a new campaign and framework, backed by the City & Guilds Group to help businesses break down the barriers young people face in their recruitment processes. Future Proof will work with businesses to make processes more inclusive, fair and transparent, as well as creating better first job opportunities for all young people, to help protect businesses’ reputations and build a workforce with the right skills now and in the future.

At the same time, a survey of 4,000 young people (18-24 year olds), commissioned by the City & Guilds Group and BITC, highlights the damage to businesses that a broken recruitment process can cause, not only turning people off individual brands, but entire industries. A shocking one in five (22%) young people who had a bad experience of a recruitment process, were put off a company completely, while one in ten was put off a whole sector, impacting future career decisions.

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January 2016: Princess Royal Training Awards open for entry

Applications are now open for a new set of awards designed specifically to recognise UK employers who directly link learning & development to the performance of their business. The Princess Royal Training Awards are delivered for the first time this year by the City & Guilds Group.

The Awards are free to enter, and all feedback is provided on all submissions, enabling organisations to strengthen their training strategies.

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January 2016: The City & Guilds Group and the Manipal Foundation partner to support skills development in India

The City & Guilds Group and the Manipal Foundation - the charitable arm of Manipal Global Education - have announced a joint scholarship programme in India. The programme will support over 300 young Indians in achieving International Vocational Qualifications (IVQs) and other qualifications on the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). The two organisations have committed a combined investment of 14.6m rupees over the next three years.

The scholarships will be available in Engineering & Manufacturing, Hospitality & Catering, Construction, Health & Social Care and Teaching & Learning. For the first year, the scholarships will be allocated in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bhubaneshwar, as well as the regions surrounding these cities. 

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January 2016: The City & Guilds Group announces first round of Skills Development Fund investments

The City & Guilds Group has announced it is providing two grants to charities – AfriKids and St Giles Trust – the first two investments from its £5m Skills Development Fund. The Fund, which launched in September 2015, supports projects and communities to create long-term, sustainable change by improving skills across the world.

London-based St Giles Trust has been awarded £100,000 over two years to support the development of its peer mentoring ex-offender employability programme in Leeds, London and Ipswich.

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December 2015: Boosting skills by 10% could increase UK GDP by £163bn

A new report released today by the City & Guilds Group shows how increasing professional and technical skills can benefit different countries' economies. 

The report explores skills training in the UK, US, India and South Africa. It found that increasing professional and technical skills by 10% could boost UK GDP by £163 billion by 2025.

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December 2015: City & Guilds Group launches brand new award for training

Organisations across the UK who successfully link learning and skills development to business performance will soon be able to receive national recognition, thanks to a brand new awards programme delivered by the City & Guilds Group. 

Free to enter, the Princess Royal Training Awards will provide organisations with a unique opportunity to be publicly recognised for their approach to training and its impact on their business.

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November 2015: The City and Guilds of London Institute confers Fellowships on prominent figures in education

On 22 October 2015, the Council of the City and Guilds of London Institute conferred Fellowship on a number of high-profile figures from industry and education.

Fellowship, as authorised by the Institute’s Royal Charter, were first awarded in 1882 to recognise outstanding professional and personal achievement in sectors and activities relevant to the work of the City and Guilds of London Institute.

Fellows have demonstrated excellence in their field, gained the respect of their peers, and are acclaimed as role models for their profession. Over 1000 Fellowships have been awarded to date since the late nineteenth century.  

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October 2015: The City & Guilds Group acquires Nine Lanterns

The City & Guilds Group has acquired award-winning elearning provider, Nine Lanterns. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Nine Lanterns partners with businesses to create custom-built elearning content and platform solutions.

Nine Lanterns will join the City & Guilds Group, a global leader in skills development, and become part of its global workplace learning company, City & Guilds Kineo. This follows the acquisition of the Kineo Pacific business in 2013, which increased the Group’s footprint in the Asia Pacific market.

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