The City & Guilds Group responds to the Government's Industrial Strategy

On 23 January 2017, UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced the Government's Industrial Strategy for 'post-Brexit success'. Technical education was a core part of the Strategy.

Commenting on the Strategy, Chris Jones, Chief Executive of the City & Guilds Group said:

‘Placing skills at the heart of the industrial strategy can only be a good thing for our economy, and there are certain measures in today’s industrial strategy that are especially welcome, including  the Government taking on board our thoughts regarding a Ucas-style system for technical education. But the Government must tread carefully. At the moment, we are at risk of initiative overload, what with the apprenticeship levy and the 3m target, the Technical & FE Bill and the Area-Based reviews, among others. And the Government has a tendency to ignore past mistakes in policymaking by rushing policies through or not giving them time to embed.

‘We also need to be careful that the Institutes of Technology don’t simply end up being a re-brand of colleges. The funding proposed is not enough to establish new providers. Yet for the Institutes to offer the very best in technical training, they need to be unique. That could mean looking at different models of governance, or collaborations between colleges, training providers and other organisations for example.

‘The bottom line is, the Institutes must deliver a high-quality teaching and learning experience to boost productivity and support growth. I hope the Government takes its times, and draws on the views of others, to make sure it can deliver on its promises.'

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