The City & Guilds Group launches new social media campaign, #MySkillsStory

#MySkillsStory aims to showcase how skills development can benefit individuals across all walks of life whether it’s getting the qualification needed for a dream job or improving at a hobby or leisure activity. Over the coming weeks, we’re encouraging people of all ages and in a range of careers to share their skills story to highlight how diverse training and skills development can be.

We’ve already had a number of people share their story, and you can see a selection of them here.

The campaign has also been supported by two MPs who happen to be former apprentices: Jim McMahon, Labour MP for Oldham West and Royton and Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North.

Speaking about his experiences in a video submission to the campaign, Jim McMahon said that becoming an apprentice at Manchester University had been the turning point in terms of what he thought he could achieve from his career. He said: ‘I earned a qualification. But more than that, it gave me a real sense of confidence in myself, and belief that I could be whatever I wanted to be, and in some ways that’s how I came into politics. So for all the people that believed in me, for people at the college, at the hospital, at the university where I worked, I hope to return the belief that they’d shown in me by making change happen down here.’

Chris Williamson MP added: ‘When I first got my first qualification with City & Guilds it was a tremendous boost to me because I’d never really succeeded at anything before that and here we are all these years later and I eventually found myself as a Member of Parliament. Getting that first qualification really gave me the confidence to feel that I could succeed. So I would urge anybody thinking about a career in the building trade, or any occupation for that matter to stick at it, it’s well worth it’.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Chief Executive of City & Guilds Group, Chris Jones said ‘It’s great to see so many people sharing their stories about how learning new skills have helped them achieve their goals, whether that’s in education or employment. The City & Guilds Group is committed to championing skills development across the world and I want to encourage everyone to keep sharing their stories with us to continue to celebrate these successes’.

Not sure if there is something in it for you, well there is! We’ll be awarding the best ones each month with a digital badge from digital credentialing services business Digitalme, to celebrate their skills achievements. Digital credentialing is more and more common now given how important technology is. Digital credentialing allows people to validate their skills online – and this could be your opportunity to get one!

Find out more about #MySkillsStory and see the submissions >

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#MySkillsStory aims to showcase that learning new skill can transform your life, whether it’s helping you to land a dream job, progress in your role or improving at a leisure activity.

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