Skills Development Fund

Our Skills Development Fund is a £5m investment in projects which transform individuals and communities through developing skills.

We created the Skills Development Fund to benefit the communities, organisations and individuals we work with each day. The fund supports projects which have a strong connection to our Group purpose – of enabling people and organisations to develop their skills for personal and economic growth.

What we’re investing in

The fund was launched in September 2015. The projects we invest in must help people get into employment, or progress within employment.

Our investments are focused around three key themes:

  • Supporting women and girls to develop their skills
  • Skills interventions to help to prevent offending and re-offending
  • Projects that promote positive skilled labour mobility

First year and future investments

In the first year we have committed just under £1 million to several projects, working within the Skills Development Fund’s main three themes.

Projects supported include:

In the second year we will look into investing more money to support projects and communities to create long-term, sustainable change by developing skills across the world. The Fund will not be open to applications as we will fully move into a commissioning model,  researching and identifying the most impactful projects to invest in.

Find out more

To learn more about our Skills Development Fund, please contact our Sustainability Team.