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Showing how our people, our businesses and our social purpose work together to change lives

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Helping people develop their skills to get into a job, progress on the job and move onto the next job 

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Working with us | City & Guilds Group

Working with businesses, training centres, and governments to help economies grow

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Our award programme | City & Guilds Group

Recognising and celebrating outstanding achievements in skills development  

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Our research: City & Guilds Group

Increasing understanding and knowledge of skills education and training           

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City & Guilds Group: Our businesses

Working together to help people and organisations develop their skills for personal and economic growth

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Our latest news

City & Guilds Group

The City & Guilds Group acquires specialist Cumbrian training provider, Gen2

The City & Guilds Group has acquired leading Cumbrian-based training provider, Gen2, to further expand its remit in technical and skills development.

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April 2017: Princess Royal Training Awards receives over 100 applications

The Princess Royal Training Awards 2017 received over 100 applications when entries closed on 31 March.

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New Venture Fund investment HT2 Labs

April 2017: New Venture Fund invests in HT2 Labs

HT2 Labs is the latest company to receive investment from our £2.5m New Venture Fund, which was set up to support technology-driven companies with the potential to make a significant impact in global skills and workforce development.

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