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Showing how our people, our businesses and our social purpose work together to change lives

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What we do | City & Guilds Group

Helping people develop their skills to get into a job, progress on the job and move onto the next job 

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Working with us | City & Guilds Group

Working with businesses, training centres, and governments to help economies grow

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Our award programme | City & Guilds Group

Recognising and celebrating outstanding achievements in skills development  

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Our research: City & Guilds Group

Increasing understanding and knowledge of skills education and training           

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City & Guilds Group Annual Report

We are pleased to present the City & Guilds Group Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2015/2016.

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Our latest news

UnLtd Impact Fund

The Future of Social Investment and why great support matters too

With the launch of UnLtd’s Impact Fund last week, Ben Smith, UnLtd’s Investment Lead, explores what investors and intermediaries need to change for social ventures to start achieving impact at scale.

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City & Guilds Group

A royal seal of approval for businesses that put employee development first

On Thursday 2 November, we celebrated 40 organisations who were recognised after being commended for their commitment to training and skills excellence by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal at a ceremony at St James’s Palace in London.

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Near East Foundation UK Case Study: Skills Development Fund

Near East Foundation case study: overcoming social challenges to join the world of work

Ghosoun is the successful owner of a clothing business in Zaqar, Jordan. Like so many women, she has had to overcome significant challenges to join the world of work and she points to support from the City & Guilds Group’s Skills Development Fund as central to achieving that.

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