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Our policies

We are committed to contributing to the communities we work in and acting as a responsible, ethical and accountable organisation in all areas of how we work.

On this page you will find our Ethics Principles, Anti-Bribery PolicyAnti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy, Supplier Code of Conduct, Sustainable Procurement Handbook, Whistleblowing Policy, Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use.

You will also find a link to the City and Guilds (1966) Pension Scheme 2018 Chairman’s DC Governance Statement.


Ethics Principles

The City & Guilds Group works with education providers, employers and governments across the world to help people, businesses and economies grow by shaping skills systems and supporting skills development.

One of our core Group values is integrity, and we aim to make sure that integrity is part and parcel of the way we do business. The value of our services is based on our actual and perceived integrity and a key part of this is the consistent application of sound ethical principles.

The organisations we choose to do business with are a visible demonstration of our ethics and Group values. These 'Ethics Principles' help us determine whether we should, on ethical grounds, do business with an organisation.

The key principles we commit to are:

1. Financial Health, Probity and Reputation

The nature of the due diligence will be consistent with the risks of company type and geography. Standard due diligence will be supported by Group Procurement in Support Services. We maintain a list of organisations on which we have carried out due diligence.

2. Anti-Bribery

The Group is committed to the highest ethical standards of conduct and integrity in its business activities in the UK and overseas. The Group takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and as such it prohibits anyone working for or on behalf of the Group from offering, promising, giving, seeking or accepting bribery in any form. The organisations that we do business with must have anti-bribery policies in place, or conform to the Group Anti-Bribery Policy.

Anti-Bribery Policy >

3. Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Group will undertake thorough checks to ensure that none of the organisations which we work with engage in any form of slavery or human trafficking in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The Group will publish an annual statement on our website which sets out the steps we have taken each year to prevent slavery and human trafficking within our business and supply chain.

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy >
Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement >

4. Legitimate states and industries

Our purpose is centred on helping people and organisations; they are our main concern. The ethics of our relationships with people and organisations supersede considerations about states and industries so long as those states and industries are legitimate. The test for the legitimacy of an industry or state is their recognition by the UN, uncontested legality of their current actions, and (for states) uncontested adherence to Sustainable Development Goals.

In particular, the Group will not:

  • Express a moral or ethical opinion about a legitimate state, industry.
  • Express an opinion on the competence of governments to govern, or the rate of change towards Sustainable Development Goals that governments have chosen.
  • Engage in work in illegitimate states on grounds of the liberalising influence of education.
  • Use denial or restriction of our services as a tool to promote a particular moral stance.


Supplier Code of Conduct

It is the City & Guilds Group’s policy to operate to the highest standards of integrity and ethics. We requires our suppliers to adhere to similar standards and promote them throughout their supply chain. View our Supplier Code of Conduct below:

Supplier Code of Conduct >


Sustainable Procurement Handbook for Employees

The City & Guilds Group is committed to conducting its procurement practices in an ethical and socially responsible manner. With a view to improve our procurement practices, 'Sustainable Procurement Handbook' targeting our employees was introduced in 2016. View our Sustainable Procurement Handbook below: 

Sustainable Procurement Handbook >


Whistleblowing Policy

The City & Guilds Group’s commitment to the highest standards of conduct and integrity requires honesty and integrity in all areas of the business and a culture of openness between all staff, third parties, customers and contractors.

We encourage those that have any concerns about suspected wrongdoing or malpractice within the City & Guilds Group come forward and voice those concerns in accordance with the Group Whistleblowing Policy. This policy applies to all people working for the Group in any capacity, and to our suppliers.

Whistleblowing Policy >


Privacy Policies

The City & Guilds Group Privacy Policy sets out the ways in which members of the City & Guilds Group will collect and process the personal data of individuals, and address the rights of individuals, in accordance with applicable data protection law, including the General Data Protection Regulation. This Privacy Policy establishes a framework for a consistent approach to privacy by design and default throughout the City & Guilds Group in order to ensure proper stewardship and use of personal data.

City & Guilds Group Overarching Privacy Policy >

Brand privacy policies

You can also see the privacy policies on our individual brand websites:

City & Guilds Privacy Policy >

ILM Privacy Policy >

Kineo Privacy Policy >

The Oxford Group Privacy Policy >

Digitalme Privacy Policy >

Gen2 Privacy Policy >

Consultant Privacy Policy

If you are engaged by a member of the City & Guilds Group, or one of our customers, to provide services in connection with the provision of training, assessment, or certification services, please view our Consultant Privacy Policy.

Consultant Privacy Policy >

Awards Privacy Policy

If you are interested in one of our Award Programmes such as the Princess Royal Training Awards or Prince Philip Medals, please view our Awards Privacy Policy.

Awards Privacy Policy >

Councillors, Trustees, Fellows, Members and Honorary Members Privacy Policy

If you are a Councillor, Trustee, Fellow, Member or Honorary Member of The City and Guilds of London Institute, or are interested in becoming one, please view this Privacy Policy.

Councillors, Trustees, Fellows, Members and Honorary Members Privacy Policy >

Bursaries Privacy Policy

If you are interested in a City & Guilds Group bursary to help you study towards a qualification please view this Privacy Policy.

Bursaries Privacy Policy >

Work Experience Privacy Policy

If you are interested in a work experience placement please view this Privacy Policy.

Work Experience Privacy Policy >


City and Guilds (1966) Pension Scheme

Every year the Trustee of the City and Guilds (1966) Pension Scheme is required to prepare a statement showing how the Scheme’s Defined Contribution investments have been governed over the year and whether they represent good value. You can find the 2018 Chairman’s DC Governance Statement on the link below.

City and Guilds (1966) Pension Scheme 2018 Chairman’s DC Governance Statement >


Website Terms of Use

These terms and conditions of website use apply to your use of By accessing this website, you agree to abide by these Terms.

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