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What we do

We help people develop the skills they need to progress into a job, on the job and onto the next job.

Our brands provide professional and technical skills education and corporate learning development training programmes.

Together, they support more confident and work-ready school leavers, more capable and inspiring managers, more productive workforce, and, ultimately, growing economies.


Meeting the needs of our customers

The Group works closely with governments, employers and other industry representatives to overcome their current skills challenges in the global jobs market.

Our products and services

We've been shaping skilled workforces since 1878. Our history provides a wealth of experience in developing quality products and services to help people and businesses develop the skills they needs to succeed.

We set the standard for professional and technical skills across the world.


Qualifications, assessments and accreditation

We offer a wide range of internationally recognised City & Guilds and ILM qualifications, as well as our accreditation services.


Our qualifications are for people at every stage of their careers. They are designed to help people and organisations acquire the skills they need to succeed - from those looking to enter work for the first time, such as through an apprenticeship, to senior managers who want to progress into their next leadership role.

City & Guilds and ILM qualifications are delivered through over 10,000 approved centres across the world, made up of education and training providers, as well as employers.

We offer full guidance and support to education providers and employers in delivering, assessing and verifying their training programmes.



Our quality consultants review and assess existing learning programmes delivered by employers and training providers, to determine if they meet required quality and industry standards. Programmes that meet our standards receive accreditation.

The Group offers accreditation service through City & Guilds. A similar recognition service for in-house management training is offered through ILM.

City & Guilds Accreditation and ILM Recognition are seen as leading international benchmarks for quality in-house training.


Elearning and learning technology

Our elearning and learning technology service include online training programmes, e-assessment and e-certification. They are designed to support the learning experience, and enhance our teaching and assessment products.

For businesses

Our learning technology services can be easily customised for businesses and individuals, making training more effective and easier to access.

Kineo is at the forefront of learning technology and has won many prestigious industry awards for its corporate learning services. It also offers blended programmes which combine learning technology with traditional training methods, such as the face-to-face training delivered by The Oxford Group.


For education and training providers

Our learning technologies facilitate the delivery of our qualifications. They support learners and assessors to manage their work more effectively, improving the learning experience and maximising efficiency.

City & Guilds offers education and training providers two core learning technology products: Learning Assistant and e-volve. Learning Assistant is a market-leading e-portfolio system that helps manage the vocational education process, and e-volve is a comprehensive online e-assessment system for learners.


Leadership and management development

Our leadership and management products and services develop managers at all levels. They are designed to improve staff productivity and organisational performance.

ILM, The Oxford Group and Kineo offer leadership and management products and services, including qualifications, assessment and accreditation, executive coaching, management development and training programmes.



ILM offers internationally recognised leadership and management qualifications. These qualifications equip individuals with the skills and expertise needed to be effective leaders and managers. Approved training providers and employer centres deliver the qualifications.


Executive coaching and leadership training

The Oxford Group offers bespoke executive level coaching and leadership development in 28 languages, through a global network of over 230 highly skilled consultants. The Oxford Group works with multinational employers across the world to develop management capabilities, build future leaders and improve productivity and effective working practices.


Corporate learning programmes

Kineo offers a range of learning programmes, covering management topics such as staff retention, improving team productivity and managing sensitive employee issues. Kineo's EssentialsPlus is designed specifically for managers, and modules include complaints management, decision making, and effective leadership and problem solving.


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